MacBook Keyboard Redesign

MacBook Keyboard Redesign

Apple’s new MacBook is so thin that it caused them to redesign the keyboard completely. Apple says, the keyboard is “dramatically thinner” than the keyboard in the MacBook Air which previously was known to be the most lightweight MacBook.

The new keyboard includes what they call a butterfly mechanism underneath the keys that’s 40 percent thinner than a traditional keyboard scissor mechanism as well as more stable than the normal keyboard. Hitting off-center on this thin keyboard could cause keystrokes not to register. The traditional scissor mechanism on a keyboard is focused around the middle of each key, whereas the new butterfly design is not. This allows the user to have more precision in their typing.

Apple has stated that the keys now have 17% more surface area than before. The thin design and deeper curvature “allows for much greater control when typing.”

Apple also decided to remove the whole panel of LEDs usually used and opted for individual LED lights. This has resulted in a much cleaner look with no light leaking from the edges of the keyboard.

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