OS X: New macOS Features

OS X: New macOS Features




1. Siri is now available on the Mac and it can do something it can’t on your phone: search your hard drive for files.

2. From the Siri window, you can drag and drop locations and images into documents, or copy and paste text.

3. You can ask Siri questions about your Mac or to adjust system settings.

4. You can “pin” Siri results like weather, sports scores, and Wikipedia entries.

5. The Universal Clipboard lets you copy and paste between your devices.

6. Mac OS can now automatically optimize your storage, and identify what’s taking up so much space.

7. Messages for Mac has been updated with the same new features as iOS.

8. Safari now features picture in picture video, which floats on top of all windows.

9. Auto-Unlock uses your Apple Watch to unlock your computer.

10. iCloud Desktop makes your desktop files accessible on any Mac.

11. Apple Pay is now available on the web.


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