Apple Watch: Essential Apps – Section Three

Apple Watch: Essential Apps – Section Three



With watchOS 2, Runtastic can finally access your heart rate data along with displaying details of your run on the wrist. Of course, if you want GPS tracking you still need to take a phone along, but you’ll return with richer data than any other Apple Watch fitness app.

$4.99, iTunes

7 Minute Workout “Seven”



We’ve lost count of how many seven-minute workout apps there are for Apple Watch (way more than seven), but this clumsily named one makes our list through taking full advantage of watchOS 2. You get all the usual routines and diagrams, but also pulse recording and a complication for a ‘7 Month Challenge’ (to do the workout across that period); additionally, your workout helps to fill your Apple Watch’s exercise rings.

Free + IAP, iTunes




This app utilises the motion-tracking capabilities of your Apple Watch, opened up to devs in watchOS 2. The idea is to monitor the duration and quality of your sleep, potentially helping you make changes if you’re restless (or, say, mucking about on Facebook until 2am every night and wondering why you’re always so tired the next day). There’s a complication and optional integration with HealthKit, and the developer has blogged about tips for keeping your Watch charged if you’re wearing it all night.

Free, iTunes




A comprehensive tool for golfers, Hole19 provides you with hole routing, course stats, and a simple interface for logging your score. Once you’ve started a round on your iPhone, your Apple Watch hones the data down to what you need at any given moment: key distances; score input; and putt tracking.

Free, iTunes



The CARROT series puts a new spin on tired app categories, and this one’s all about the 7-minute workout. The malevolent CARROT AI puts you through your paces, doing ‘Celebrity Face Punches’ and ‘Dragon Mating Dances’. Start your workout and your Apple Watch can become a heads-up display, so you know what exercise you should be doing – or to pause things for a bit if your body’s about to break.

$2.99, iTunes

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