Apple Watch: Essential Apps – Section Five

Apple Watch: Essential Apps – Section Five



We reckon Overcast is the best iPhone podcast player, in part down to its excellent built-in effects for boosting voices and smartly removing silences. On Apple Watch, Overcast is essentially a remote for the iPhone app, giving you fast access to play/pause and seek buttons, and showing what’s up next. Force Touch loads a handy three-button screen that lets you delve into your subscriptions, toggle effects, and recommend the current show if you happen to like it.

Free, iTunes


Sky Guide

On iPhone, Sky Guide is the most beautiful and accurate star and constellation guide so this is money well spent. On Apple Watch, the companion app gives you a calendar of upcoming events, and optional notifications regarding what’s about to occur in your location, so for example you can catch the International Space Station zooming overhead. The watchOS 2 release boosts performance and adds a complication that supports Time Travel and offers a very accurate Moon phase.

$2.99, iTunes



Ignore, for a second, arguments that brain-training games really do train the brain, or provide even the remotest accuracy when awarding you a ‘brain age’ score. Instead, revel in the fact that Brainess is a suitably entertaining distraction for your Apple Watch, its quick micro-games being suited both to the device and also the amount of time you want to hold your arm aloft playing. You get the usual suspects here: memory tests; number games; card pairing; and that sneaky game that tries to trip you up in matching colours and words.

$0.99, iTunes

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